30-Day Challenge

Post date: May 1, 2020 3:41:38 PM

Help your Cub Scouts keep their skills sharp by taking on our 30-day challenge with activities to help with adventure and elective requirements.

All Scouts that complete the challenge will receive a 30-Day Challenge Patch. Once your Scout completes the challenge, please email us at Shacpack673@gmail.com to let us know!

Please find that challenge for your Scout's rank below. REMEMBER to select their NEW rank! (e.g. if they just promoted to Tiger, select the Tiger challenge)

FOR EXTRA FUN: Post pictures of your Scouts completing challenge activities on Instagram or Facebook with the following hashtag: #P673DoingOurBest

* NOTE: Pictures with the hashtag above may be re-shared with the public on our Pack's social media sites (Facebook and Instagram), however, no names will be listed. Note that using the hashtag is completely optional. We appreciate your support as these photos help us in recruiting new Scouts by showing how much fun our Pack is! Alternatively, any pictures shared in our Facebook Pack Family Forum group without the hashtag will ONLY be seen within that group and not shared publicly. Either way, we hope to see your pictures!

Acknowledgement: A big thank you to the Hawkeye Area Council who designed the challenge!